25% of remote workers cited the inability to unplug as their greatest struggle.

Source: Buffer, 2022 State Of Remote Work

Remote work life balanced

myRemoteDay is a simple app that establishes and shares work day boundaries ensuring you and your teammates know how and when to get in touch - whether you’re in a meeting, walking the dog, or unplugged for the day.

myRemoteDay integrates with the apps you already use to connect with your network of colleagues inside and outside your organization.








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Your Card

Your Card is your network’s window into your live status and availability. It’s your shareable “profile” and acts like a live business card, highlighting and directing your network towards the best way to get in touch with you at that moment in time.


Getting your Card out there is an important step towards communicating your availability and sharing your boundaries throughout the day. The built-in mySwitchboard feature allows you to easily view and share with your teammates and regular contacts. Then, add a direct link to your email signature, drop it into your social profiles, blogs, and corporate pages, or simply share it directly with key stakeholders so they always know how to reach you.


Sharing the start and end of your work day is an important boundry for work/life balance. myRemoteDay can automatically mute your active contact options and provide alternatives such as booking a meeting for later or encouraging asynchronous communication options.

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Rule of "Clocking Out"


42% of women and 35% of men in Corporate America have felt burned out in the last few months


When working remotely, you will need to create the balance between working and living your life.


Runs and syncs across all your devices!