27% of remote workers cited the inability to unplug as their greatest struggle in 2021, up from 18% in 2020.
Source: Buffer

Define Your Remote Work Day

As a remote worker you’re not “always on”, but you probably feel the need to be.

myRemoteDay is a free app that balances remote work life, integrating with your existing apps to establish and share boundaries - whether you’re in a meeting, walking the dog or unplugged for the day.

myRemoteDay App

  • A simple app that runs across all your devices.
  • Optimizations to enhance your remote work day.
  • Automatically and manually updates your workday status.
  • One-tap myRemoteDay access for your colleagues.
  • Automatically captures private time data.
  • Always Free!

Integrated Apps

Add your communication tools and myRemoteDay will guide your colleagues with the best options to reach you.








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Share myRemoteDay in your email signature, drop a widget into your blog, website or social profiles, and add a QR Code to your business cards.

Here's a sample of the personalized page your colleagues will see...


Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Rule of "Clocking Out"


42% of women and 35% of men in Corporate America have felt burned out in the last few months


When working remotely, you will need to create the balance between working and living your life.


Why myRemoteDay?

There have been many recent changes to how and where we work, however these changes bring challenges - how do we connect? disconnect? find balance?

Studies have proven the merits of remote and hybrid work productivity, but as a global workforce we're still learning the best practices on how to make this movement sustainable on a massive scale moving forward.

We're excited to be part of this, and with our users' help we're defining the new normal in remote work.

What is myRemoteDay?

myRemoteDay is a tool built for remote and hybrid workers to establish and maintain remote work life balance, sharing your status and availability as well as the best way to reach you at any given time (cell, email, Slack, Teams, Zoom, etc.).

Who can see my profile?

Anyone with your myRemoteDay link can see your profile. Think of this like an enhanced email signature that only shares the appropriate communication channels at that moment in time. It's more private than a traditional email signature which is static and always sharing your information.

How does myRemoteDay know what to share?

When your work location/status changes myRemoteDay enables or changes your communication options. For example, when you are working from the office an incoming phone call will be directed to your office line, when you are working from home that call may be directed to your cell. If you are in a meeting, you will be unavailable for a call but may still receive emails or chat messages.

Does myRemoteDay share my calendar?

myRemoteDay does not share your calendar or appointments. Syncing your calendar can be helpful to automate status updates, highlighting the best way to reach you, but your appointments will always remain private.

Does myRemoteDay have any hidden costs?

myRemoteDay is free for all users and provides an ad-free experience.